Artist Interview: “Blinded” by Betsy Stiles

Q: “Blinded” is a beautifully written song with dreamlike production about falling in love but holding back before really falling. What was the inspiration behind “Blinded”?

BETSY: Thank you so much! I love that you use the word, “dreamlike” because that is the exact word that I used to describe the sound I was going for when working with the producer. I started writing “Blinded” when I was falling for someone but the song never felt finished. I later revisited the song and gave it a bit of a turn with a more jaded perspective. I also changed the melody to make the message sound more direct.

Q: Did you face any challenges while writing and recording “Blinded” at home?

BETSY: Yes – always! If the quiet night hours were longer and if I didnʼt have to wake up for work the next morning I would be set! Aside from finding the time to record, thereʼs the occasional static or mic malfunctions that haunt my recording sessions. I prefer writing songs to the recording process.


Q: We adore your voice! What first got you into music?

BETSY: Thanks! I took piano lessons as a kid but hated taking lessons. Practicing was a chore that I did not enjoy. I swore that I would never play piano after quitting lessons in grade school. Years later I wanted to play music so I started writing my own songs and enjoyed that much more.


Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

BETSY: Dreamy, Romantic, Honest, Fun, Relatable. I mix different genres with a bit of contemporary pop and country/ Americana. I try to create moods with my songs and I usually romanticize whatever theme Iʼm going with.

Q: You say that you were a closet songwriter for a while before you recorded “Blinded.”What advice do you have for other closet songwriters who are anxious about putting their work out?

BETSY: Sharing music is still new for me. I think most songwriters write songs for themselves first. Recording and sharing music is the next natural step but it doesnʼt have to be. The ability to work remotely with other artists, certainly makes it easier to finish songs without having to invest in studio time and money. I still donʼt go out of my way to share my songs with family and friends, but itʼs been exciting to release “Blinded.” I love hearing feedback about my music from blogs like “Rising Artist” so thank you!! A song takes on a greater meaning when other people can connect with a song. As an artist itʼs exciting to let a song turn into something more by putting it out into the digital world. I would suggest for other songwriters to connect with other artists remotely or in person and see where a song goes from there.


Q: What projects are currently in the works?

BETSY: My goal would be to put out an EP this year and then next year an album. I have a bunch of songs written. Itʼs just a matter of recording them and then working with a producer to finish them off. Iʼm super excited to share more songs and hope that other people can connect with my music!

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant



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