Artist Interview: “In My Head” by Cole Stock

Q: Your song “In My Head” is an upbeat indie rock song about a couple who are madly in love but are going through a rough patch. What was your creative process in making it? Did the song come together relatively quickly?


COLE: Yes! It was one of those songs that came to me in around 20 minutes. I like to think of it as a song that has Fallen out of you. The best songs come from the heart and this one became my indie pop anthem for people who are struggling with a situation.

Q: How long did it take to plan and film the music video for “In My Head”? Did you face any obstacles along the way and if so, how did you overcome them?

COLE: Like the song, In My Head was recorded in Wales. Not pre planned or anything it just happened to be. The video was shot on location in the glorious, pastel-colour Welsh village of Tenby. Recorded with the Flint Film crew who were great. Over 3 weeks of planning, 3 very long days of shooting. We waited all three days to capture the perfect sunset on the beach. All of our equipment was on the sand and every time we were filming, the tide would get closer and closer. We had to stop filming around five times and we thought we would never get the perfect cadence. I threw the green screen into the sea too, which nearly ruined that part. But we finally got it finished!


Q: Youʼve made appearances on BBC Introducing and you opened for Starsailorʼs James Walsh. How were those experiences and what did you learn from them?

COLE: Both experiences were great. The BBC are very supportive of every new artist / band and have always been a breeze to work with. James Walsh was great fun! He is a Liverpool FC fan like myself so we got to know each other through our love of football.


Q: Not only did you write “In My Head” by yourself, you also exclusively played all of the instruments. What is your musical background? Do you have a musical family or did you just fall into songwriting and playing instruments all on your own?

COLE: Funnily enough none of my family play any instruments. I fell in love with the process of songwriting at an early age when I picked up my first guitar at the age of 7. Then throughout my education I would find any time to go on a guitar, get in front of a piano, or smash the drums to Nirvana. Anything that made a sound I was interested in learning.

Q: How do you think your hometown has influenced the kind of music that you make? If not, why is that?

COLE: Local to Coventry I was heavily influenced by all sorts of noughties indie bands. From Coventry’s own ‘The Enemyʼ to Indie rocks ‘Kaiser Chiefsʼ and any one that played great guitar music. With such a history in music the scene welcomes all kinds of art and has allowed me to play in many venues across the city. Maybe why they have been awarded City of Culture for 2021!


Q: What projects are currently in the works for you?

COLE: I am currently working on more music and plan to record live sessions throughout the summer. My focus is on writing in preparation for Live music to return and for an album by 2022. Furthermore, I am working with various artists as a songwriter and travelling overseas to songwriting camps to collaborate with others.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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