Artist Interview: “We Used To Go Outside” by Kapri

Q: “We Used to Go Outside” has a fun, retro groove to it. You wrote and recorded this track in the beginning of quarantine when we were all going through the initial shock of being ordered to stay at home. What inspired the sonic direction for this track?

KAPRI: The general confusion! At that time my plan for 2020/2021 was very different, and when the lockdown happened (and we all – gullibly – thought that it’ll only last 3 weeks), and everything came to a halt I was feeling very nostalgic, and I was looking for the sound that would make others feel nostalgic as well – and nothing says “nostalgia” like a retro groove! Another reason is that I wanted to emulate the crazy of being locked in against our wants even though we really did nothing wrong (for our own good though), and I really liked the guitar sound that felt a little like the inside of someone’s confused head. Also, I wanted the song to have an upbeat tempo too to contrast for how static everything outside became.

Q: Walk us through the creation of the video for “We Used to Go Outside”.

KAPRI: The video was filmed and edited by my friend MJ. He was the visual mastermind behind it, after my initial direction that I wanted it to portray the thoughts of the person trapped in the apartment in the lockdown alone. I really liked how MJ ran with it and played with the colors, angles, and layers to show the boredom and creeping insanity, and maybe even mild psychosis caused by social isolation and longing to get back to the outside world.


Q: Since pandemic began, online music promotion has become crucial for an artist’s growth. How important is that for you, and are there any strategies you are willing to share with our readers?

KAPRI: Online promotion became more important than ever! I’m always out and about on social media, I recently entered the TikTok game and that’s where I put the funny videos that have little/nothing to do with my music, which helps me a lot to express myself, and it lets people get to know me a little better outside of my music. I hope it is also helping those who are watching them – we all feel trapped and we all feel (and are) very limited by lockdowns. Some of us are really productive in that time, some of us aren’t – I’m somehow both. But whether you’re publishing on social media or just watching, as long as it’s helping you to cope with the situation, it’s great! Use this time to benefit yourself – either make something new, or just kick back and relax, and that’s my advice.


Q: You’re based in LA but you were born and raised in Poland. What drew you to Hollywood to pursue a music career? How has growing up in Poland influenced your music?

KAPRI: USA always was, and still is glorified in Polish media – and I always wanted to move here (initially it was influenced by Beverly Hills 90210 TV series). Nobody believed it will happen, but I actually did it, and I’m very proud of it. While real LA is not as glamorous as TV LA, I love it anyway, and there’s something about it that always makes my heart skip a beat whenever I land at LAX or watch the city from the hills on one of my night strolls. It’s a little like watching the man-made ocean – waves of cars and people, busy, overwhelming, possibly dangerous, so many unknowns – only the actual ocean is much more calming. But I like looking down at the city and thinking that I’m a part of this vast ecosystem of cool, unique people.

Growing up in Poland definitely exposed me to different musical influences, and I think it’s making my music unique, as I mix different sound ideas and lyrical hooks than a person who grew up with just music popular in the US. It’s just a different set of influences, and I hope people find it interesting and fun.

Q: We see that you recently appeared on Dzień Dobry TVN. What was that experience like?

KAPRI: It was my first appearance on the biggest Polish TV station’s morning show, and I loved it. Despite COVID limitations they managed to organize the interview with me which was pre-recorded over zoom and aired before my performance, and when I arrived at the studio I had a chance to meet the hosts who really made me feel welcome. I hope I’ll soon have a chance to appear on Dzień Dobry TVN again!


Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

KAPRI: I am always doing SOMETHING – and if it looks like i’m doing nothing, I’m about to surprise everyone. I normally spend all my spare time in Poland with my horses, or training dressage. In LA I like to go exploring and discover new spots and activities I haven’t done before. I always say I’m not very sporty, but when it comes to adventures I can walk 15 miles and not even notice. I don’t like to be bored, and I’m always down to experience something new.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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