“Light up the Night” by Therése Neaimé

The past year has proven fruitful for the Stockholm-based pop artist who breathed a poised soul into her latest, “Light up the Night.” Her second release of 2021, “Light up the Night” opens with a warm embrace, and as soon as listeners find comfort in the delightful pop ways – in comes her commanding vocals. With the ability to strike with her voice, much like Celine Dion does when she steps away from the ballads, Therése Neaimé owns every second of this song – and then some. 

Much like her Hollywood Music in Media Award-winning 2020 release, “Dance Love,” “Light up the Night” transports listeners to the confines of a club atmosphere with upbeat undertones that aid an addicting vocal performance. Lyrically, it’s one of those songs that comes on the radio and as soon as it’s over, listeners are scrambling to hear the DJ say the artist’s name so they can then find and add it to their personal playlists. 

While locals in Sweden may want to keep this gem to themselves, it is clear that “Light up the Night” was meant for global consumption being that it could and would fare well everywhere from the beaches of Miami to the clubs that line Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. 

“Light up the Night” is just the latest release from this Swedish-Llebanese songstress. Therése Neaimé dropped her debut, ‘Livin’’, in 2008 and has been a dynamo in the pop realm since thanks to her ability to add layers of R&B and dance into the mix. “Light up the Night” is just the most recent single to prove that, as well as her prowess as a pop star. 

Written By: Kendra Beltran

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