“It Won’t Be Long” by Marvin Muoneké

There is no one alive today that has not been impacted in some way shape or form by COVID-19. It struck loved ones, shut down businesses, and made day-to-day life seem like a mundane cycle of never-ending despair. While it would be easy to sit in the grim reality, artists like Marvin Muoneké are offering a dose of hope as the world inches near the end of the virus’s reign with his uplifting single, “It Won’t Be Long.” 

In a song that takes bits and pieces of jazz and pop and lays them down as the foundation for Marvin Muoneké’s soulful vocals that give way to gospel-inspired waves, “it Won’t Be Long” is what one wishes for at the end of a year like 2020 – and that is optimism towards a better tomorrow. Which came easy for Muoneké as he worked alongside Bristol-based vocalist Victoria Klewin, bassist/pianist Steve Christie, and drummer Joe Pickering. 

While some may read gospel and jazz and instantly think this is a song for a crowd of a certain age, think again. Fans of all ages who enjoy a little Billy Joel in their lives will appreciate this heartwarming tune. Especially those who are familiar with J. A. C. Redford’s work with Disney on the soundtrack for the 1988 film starring Joel, ‘Oliver and Company.’ Much like the tale of a small kitten trying to survive and find hope in the city – Marvin Muoneké’s “It Won’t Be Long” delivers all those sentiments after a year of grief, frustration, and solace. 

Those looking for an aspirational tune need look no further than Marvin Muoneké’s “It Won’t Be Long.” 

Written by: Kendra Beltran

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