Artist Interview: “Wolves / Arrival EP” by .boy

Q: Wolves / Arrival EP takes listeners on a nostalgia-fueled journey. The unconventional melodies coupled with emotive vocals makes these two tracks really stand out. Tell us how the sonic direction for Wolves / Arrival EP came together.

ROGER (of .boy): I feel that over the past year, Joel and I understand each other’s musical brains a bit more, so this project really came from both our shared influences in cinematic/orchestral music, fantasy, and pop. We like to say our motto is “weird = good” and these tracks certainly fit within that given there pop tendencies but with slightly out there arrangements and sound design.

Q: In an interview with Vents Magazine, you mentioned that the lyrics to “Arrival | Departure” started out as a poem. How has poetry shaped you as a musician? Is there a particular poet who influences you?

ROGER (of .boy): Yeah poetry is so massive. I don’t claim to be super knowledgeable about poetry but I always enjoyed poetry units in grade school and have loved writing down scenes from my life in a more “beautiful” way via poetry. There’s something very powerful that occurs when describing the world through a poetic lens. Regarding influences, I’d cite Pablo Neruda and William Blake as two influences.


Q: What challenges did you face while making Wolves / Arrival EP during quarantine and how did you overcome them?

ROGER (of .boy): Probably the biggest challenge for me came on the inspiration front. When you can’t really experience new places, people, and activities in the same way, it can be pretty tough to get inspired and bring your A-game. Luckily, we both still had movies, literature, music, and each other to propel us forward!


Q: The two of you formed .boy over a shared affinity for a few of your all-time favorite artists. Who were those artists?

ROGER (of .boy): Oh wow there’s a bunch. Namely: The 1975, Enya, The National, Burial, Taylor Swift, Drake, James Blake, the list goes on. It’s pretty wild how our musical tastes intertwine.

Q: What inspired your group’s name, .boy? What have you learned from working with each other?

ROGER (of .boy): Our music is very whimsical and nostalgia driven and our first release, August, was very much an ode to my past and so I think that conjured up images of childhood. “Boy” was taken by a much larger European band so we figured we could stylize it in our own way with the dot in front (which is also a nod to the internet).

I have learned so much on the technical side of things from Joel. He’s the principle engineer when it comes to production and mixing, he’s a true wizard. His drive and passion for making music is also incredibly inspiring. I’d like to think I bring melodic strengths to the table and I’m always writing poetry or little lines that I think just sound good. All in all, we’ve learned how to collaborate 50/50 within a project which is easier said than done but I’m so glad we’ve meshed.


Q: How do you hope people will feel while and after listening to your music?

ROGER (of .boy): This is a tough question! I suppose I hope people find connection within the music. Perhaps something that spurs inner-reflection and growth.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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