“Isolate” by Rosaleen

As the years go by, one often starts to notice their social circle decreasing in size. Not sure if that’s due to increased responsibilities that take away from hanging out or what, but while it can be a devastating reality – it can also lend itself to a bit of self-reflection and acceptance. This is what is displayed in “Isolate” from Rosaleen.”

With a Neosoul meets indie-pop sound, Rosaleen gets personal with an idea that is more common than many realize. “Isolate” presents the tale of a person who may be alone due to friends that “started leaving slowly,” but is not at all a melancholy affair ravaged by despair. Instead, Rosaleen delivers quite the opposite. 

In place of expected sadness, there is so much beauty in Rosaleen’s acceptance of the situation at hand. She declares making peace with her mind, signifying personal growth and love. Something many in this world don’t seem to have enough of; something more of us should work on giving ourselves. 

“Isolate” is the fourth single available from this Orlando-based singer. It follows the release of two very strong 2020 singles; “Teléfono” and “If I Could Fly.” Both previous releases highlighted the beauty of Hispanic music makers, from singing in Spanish to the arrangements that were vibrant homages to her Spanish-Puerto Rican-Dominican heritage. Don’t be surprised though if she takes you on an international tour with her vocals soon as she’s not only fluent in English and Spanish but French, Italian, and Korean as well. 

Rosaleen’s star power is bright and has been shining since she was a mere six years old. It was then she took on the piano, and by 15 was a member of ASCAP. A year after that she dropped her debut single, 2016’s “Paper Doll.” Now she’s glowing like a diamond with her latest release, “Isolate,” available on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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