Artist Interview: “Cozy” by WAMI (ft. Julia Shuren & Jarvis Neely)

Q: “Cozy” is this R&B and Indie song that talks about getting with an ex-lover for a carefree night and the title “Cozy” refers to the warmth and comfort that ex brought. How did the lyrics come about? And how did you decide on the melody?

WAMI: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” as the Latins would say. Julia Shuren wrote those amazing lyrics and vocal lines (and chose the topic and the title of the song), and Jarvis Neely worked on his own trap part. We, as WAMI, were amazed by Julia’s first idea, starting immediately the production of the song – ending it in a week. Julia is just brilliant: wonderful voice, incredible musical skills (she also plays the piano) and superb lyrics.

Q: We can all relate to the song, but tell me how producing the song made you feel. Does it make you think back to anyone or a memory?

WAMI: Of course, everyone has an ex-lover (more or less important) that gives deep feelings and all you wanna do is spend one last night with him/her. Even if you’re moving on (or you already moved on since years), this person will always be in your mind.


Q: Multiple people worked on this song and you all are from different parts of the world. How were you guys able to come together to make this beautiful song?.

WAMI: We’re from Italy, Julia’s from Canada and Jarvis’s from L.A. We could work and chat together only when it’s night time here in Italy: this was the challenge, but we managed it (sleeping less, obviously). We worked on the production on afternoon/evening (always in Italy), then sending all our stuff to our chat, trying to fix or change things in the night. In the same way, Julia and Jarvis worked together when we were sleeping, and then sending their stuff to us.


Q: WAMI started professionally about 3 years ago, what was the most difficult thing when you guys started?

WAMI: Becoming professional in the financial side with music. This is still now our main goal: just living making music (and enjoying it)!

Q: How did the two of you meet? And what do you do outside of music?

WAMI: We met 10 years ago through the internet, even though we live 15km from each other. Lorenzo had a YouTube channel in which he uploaded remakes from international dance hit (“Don’t You Worry Child” by SHM and “Resurrection” by Michael Calfan, just to give an idea) and Federico wrote to him, saying that he was looking for a collaborator for his music. Things happened in this 10 years, but we officially started WAMI together 3 years ago. Outside of music, Federico is an employee at a biomedical company, while Lorenzo has a recording studio (called Hathor Music Studio).


Q: What has been one of the most significant moments of your musical journey so far?

WAMI: Probably when we reached the main New Music Friday playlist on Spotify (3 millions followers) and other big playlists with our track “Life Is Good” (also a collaboration with Julia). Such a big goal for us as independent artists! No help from anyone, just hard work.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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