Artist Interview: “tonight” by abby sunga

Q: “tonight” is an honest and poignant break up song. What inspired you to write it? Did you produce this track all on your own?

ABBY: There was actually no event that inspired me to write the song. I was just bored one day and went to my piano and started singing random words that eventually became the first half of tonight! I realized halfway through writing it that I didn’t wanna write a song that wasn’t inspired by anything, so I used a bit more specificity in the second verse to bring the song closer to my heart. I WISH I produced this but I’m honestly the worst at producing haha. An amazing producer named Danny actually produced this song for me and I’m really glad he did. He nailed every production point I wanted in the song.

Q: Not only does “tonight” showcase your beautiful vocals but also your talent for songwriting. How long have you been writing songs? Did songwriting come naturally to you or was it a skill you had to develop?

ABBY: Thank you!! I’ve been writing music ever since I was 12, but I became much better at it around 16. It was definitely a skill I had to develop because I can’t imagine the reactions I’d get if I released the first song I ever wrote hahaha.


Q: What made you want to pursue a career in music?

Seeing artists perform on television or in concerts always seemed super fun to me. One of my first inspirations was actually Ross Lynch when he played Austin Moon on Austin and Ally. His stage presence was/is amazing and he seemed like he was always enjoying himself. I remember sitting at my TV as a kid trying to learn all the choreography and lyrics to the songs that he would perform. I’ve also always found comfort in so many songs and I wanted to give back. I knew that a lot of my friends related to my music and I wanted to keep giving people that same sense of comfort.


Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

I have soooo many since I’m currently still trying to find my voice. But my main musical influences are Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, JP Saxe, Jeremy Zucker, and Lauv. A lot of their musical styles were actually applied to “tonight” such as Taylor’s simplicity in her instruments and Gracie’s vocal layering. The main inspiration for “tonight” was also a song by JP Saxe called “The Few Things.”

Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

ABBY: I’m always finding so many things to get into outside of music! I’m into so many things like reading, journaling, and poetry. I also love dancing. I’m definitely not the best at it but it’s still super fun. I also just love hanging out with my friends at the park and having picnics with them.


Q: Since you’re only 17, how are you hoping to continue to grow after the release of “tonight”?

ABBY: I hope to release more music after this. I have about 11 songs right now to be produced and I’m always coming up with new song ideas almost every day. Hopefully I can compile a few of those to make an EP and eventually release an album!! I also hope to find my audience and my voice/style of music that is best for me. I think it would be a bit easier for me to go on with my writing once I find my true style. Performing live would also be pretty cool! I’d probably start locally and make my way up to bigger venues.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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