Jaime’s latest single “Ghost” is an electronic track that keeps you on your toes with a variety of rhythms and genres combined in a neat, captivating package. Showcasing the producer’s incredible musical instincts, “Ghost” is a creative song that will have you listening on repeat trying to figure out how it works so well.  

Beginning with a jazzy, reverberating intro complete with a catchy piano melody, “Ghost” lures you in with an unassuming tone before launching into the bass-heavy verse. Jaime’s voice is deep and conversational as he delivers the lyrics in a catchy, syncopated fashion. The instrumentation is varied and dynamic; it constantly seems to shift as the song progresses creating a disjointed, ominous undertone. The chorus erupts in a rhythmic, encompassing orchestra as he sings “please remember I am your ghost”.

Based in the south of Germany, Jaime is actually Joe Styppa, a sound designer, producer, and drummer who works with some of the biggest urban artists in Germany. His background is apparent in his solo project as the rhythm and production are front and center working together to effortlessly create his unique blended sound. With its intricate and supportive production, inviting and driving beats, and relaxed, smooth vocals, “Ghost” is a song that is as iconic and original as they come.

Written by Katrina Charles

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