Review & Interview: “Astronauts (feat. Fjuka)” by Liex

LIEX and Fjuka’s latest single “Astronauts” is an engaging, expertly produced track that highlights Fjuka’s beautifully versatile voice and LIEX’s out-of-this-world production. With dynamic orchestration that rises and falls like the tide, “Astronauts” is a stellar track that will draw you in with its captivating gravity.

Beginning with gorgeous vocalizations over ambient piano chords, “Astronauts” begins with spacious instrumentation that perfectly sets the scene for the pensive lyrics. Fjuka’s voice is clear and emotive as she asks, “What if we could be astronauts?”. As the verse begins, electronic tones swell creating an encompassing soundscape. The intensity slowly builds around the sweetly poetic, thoughtful lyrics before a beat drops and you are swept away in an expanse of rhythmic synths and vocal effects. The production pulls back again before ending with an outro as explosive as a supernova.

Based in Norway, Fjuka reached out to Czech producer LIEX who sent her the melody of “Astronauts” and asked her to add her vocals. The result is an incredible collaboration of two talented musicians that showcases Fjuka’s incredibly raw and emotional voice and LIEX’s astronomically creative and moving production. “Astronauts” is a track that transports you to another world and will become your go-to song for whenever you want to drift away for a while.

Written by Katrina Charles

Q&A with Fjuka

Q: How did you start making music?

FJUKA: I started playing guitar when I was about 12 years old. I played by ear and experimented with some chords.

Later, I wanted to play Kygo´s “Firestone” when it was released some years ago.
I wanted to learn that song on the piano, so I bought a cheap keyboard and started learning by ear.

I did not know any music theory. I just played what I heard.

My plan was never to be a vocalist or producer, I just wanted to play and sing along to the songs I liked.

Q: Name some of your musical influences that we might hear on “Astronauts.”

FJUKA: Well, I am the one who sings through the whole track. And I wrote the lyrics all by myself.

I wanted the track to be dreamy, and LIEX helped make my voice suit the dreamy vibe on the track.


Q: What was your favorite part of the production process?

FJUKA: Working with a producer who has been in the music industry for so long.
I learned a lot from him. He was also very patient with me despite my lack of professional singing experience.


Q: You worked with LIEX on “Astronauts.” Tell us about the experience and what LIEX brings to the track.

FJUKA: I could not have created this song without him. I found his track on an app called Verce, which connects musicians around the whole world.

LIEX is the master behind the melody and production. I auditioned for his track, and he liked my vocal performance.


Q: What is next for Fjuka?

FJUKA: Because of my studies and the current global situation, I have more time to learn and make music.
Currently, I am using a lot of my time learning to make melodies in FL studio, which takes a lot of time and patience.

I am also in contact with some other producers at the moment. I will release music in the future as well, because this project with LIEX has helped and motivated me to do more!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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