Artist Interview: “Golden Sophism” by Glasgow

Q: “Golden Sophism” is such a fun track! What inspired this single?

GLASGOW: Thank you! The song came about from watching a movie and realizing what a cool idea it would be for a song, I never like to tell people what the song is about but I can tell you that it is a very interesting and poetic concept once you realize what the song is about.

Q: I was also impressed with the production. Can you share some insight into the production process of “Golden Sophism?”

GLASGOW: Everything was recorded in my home studio, since it was recorded during the pandemic it was almost impossible to go out and record things in a studio. It also helps that I played every instrument in the track except the drums which my good friend Manuel Vazquez played. Everything was mixed and mastered by Antonio Monteiro from Garage 16 Studio who is an amazing and talented guy when it comes to mixing and mastering.


Q: Who are your musical influences?

GLASGOW: I would say that mainly is the music from the UK, its odd saying that because i’m from the US but since I was little i’ve always been driven to that sound. Artists that I look up to are Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Foals, Interpol etc which I consider them all musical influences.


Q: This is Glasgow’s debut single. Tell us about your musical journey before Glasgow.

GLASGOW: Glasgow is the first professional venture that i’ve been a part of, I’ve been in a few small bands but never like this. I have also had some experience with producing music, which this project fuses both aspects of music since I wrote, produced and recorded everything in the track.

Q: The pandemic has affected the lives and careers of so many artists. What keeps the band artistically motivated?

GLASGOW: A lot of things inspire Glasgow, mainly the desire to bring people something that they really like and enjoy, one of the things I’m most proud of is the joy an excitement in the people’s responses and feedback, but also the hunger of bringing people quality and some great tracks and experience.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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