Artist Interview: “Igotlostinsidemyhead” by moshimoshi

Q: So the band was formed at the onset of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. What was it like bringing it all together during lockdown?

MOSHIMOSHI: The pandemic was actually a great thing at first. All of the other things we have been doing stopped for a while so we had the ability to focus just on this new thing called moshimoshi. When things started to normalize a bit here in Finland the band was already going strong.

Q: Your music blends melodic indie rock with jazzy math punk. Do certain band members bring influences from one particular genre more than another?

MOSHIMOSHI: Of course everyone brings their own stuff to the table. Aatu (vocals, guitars) and Eetu (guitars) come originally from a metal background, Janne (drums) and Kalle (bass) have been punk guys from childhood. But those early teenage influences don’t play that big of a part anymore. We’ve all played various kinds of music in a bunch of bands for like a decade now. Moshimoshi is our emo project, and that’s the main influence for all of us regarding this band.


Q: What kind of influence has your home city of Helsinki had on your music making?

MOSHIMOSHI: Helsinki has had a major influence on us. Before covid you could play or go and see a gig most nights every week. And we’ve spent a lot of time at local spots so we’ve also made a lot of friends, people to start bands with, people who can shoot a music video or people who can help out when your amplifier has exploded or when you’ve left your drum sticks to the practice place. In addition to all of that Helsinki is also just a great city with lots of things going on and lots of stuff to see most of the time – highly recommended! (Google “Save Suvilahti DIY for more information”)


Q: Can you tell your fans a little bit about the creative process behind writing and recording ‘Igotlostinsidemyhead’?

MOSHIMOSHI: It was a quick one from start to finish. I (Aatu) made the first three songs from our first EP on the same day I decided to start the band. It can be hard to finish a song you’ve left hanging for a while so this time I made sure that I’m not taking a break until the songs are done. Igostlostinsidemyhead is about the uncertainty of future and frustrations around that.

We recorded the first two EP’s in a basement in Kerava, near Helsinki where Kalle and Eetu practice with one of their other bands. All of it was very DIY, our friend Sakke has some recording gear so he helped us out and sat at the laptop while we played. All of the songs were recorded live with vocals and some minor stuff done afterwards.


Q: You can only listen to (3) albums for the next year. In no particular order, what would they be?

MOSHIMOSHI: We have four answers because we couldn’t decide just three records that would be the best for all of us.

Aatu: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane for the mornings
Little Electric Chicken Heart by Ana Frango Electrico for the afternoons and Master of Reality by Black Sabbath for nighttime.

Eetu: J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit Live, a great live album from “the Bruce Springsteen of Finland”, Powerslave by Iron Maiden and Doolittle by Pixies.

Janne: Carrion Crawler / The Dream, Masters Bedroom Is Worth To Spend the Night in and Floating Coffin all by Thee Oh Sees

Kalle: Mestarit Areenalla (a live album of Finnish old guys singing their greatest hits together), Dada Bandits by Rubik and Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens

Q: What do you guys like to do when your not making music?

MOSHIMOSHI: Drinking, smoking, sexing, skating, painting, movie-watching, yatzy-playing, lawbreaking, gaming and just regular old hanging around.


Q: What can your fans expect to see and/or hear from MOSHIMOSHI in the near future?

MOSHIMOSHI: We’re gonna release three EP’s this year, first one coming out late April, the second one this summer and the last one sometimes in autumn. All of the EP’s will also get released on a compilation vinyl later this year via our Finnish label All That Plazz. Hopefully the vaccines are handed out fast and we can start doing shows and meet people again. If someone would like a t-shirt or some stickers etc., let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Interviewed by Kevin JP Hulihan





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