Review & Interview: “Cover Medley” by Alleya

Violinist Alleya has just released her latest track, a medley of three instrumental covers that bring a new perspective and depth to songs you already know and love. Featuring the musician’s take on “Solo” by Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato, “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, and “Love Me More” by Chase and Status featuring Emeli Sande, Alleya effortlessly combines her incredible violin skills with upbeat, supportive production to create a captivating track with classical roots and a modern flair.

With a steady bass drumbeat, the song begins confidently as Alleya’s violin plays the melody of “Solo” as harmonious flourishes add emphasis to the bold string statements. The chorus features subtle vocal samples that stay true to the original song while embellishing Alleya’s expert playing. With a seamless transition marked only with a beat of rest, she launches into “Don’t Start Now” with a flowing, emotive violin performance over lively instrumentation. With a subtle shift, “Love Me More” begins as the percussion slowly ramps up into a driving force that carries the beautiful string harmonies.

Based in London, Alleya is a classically trained violinist who has been playing since the age of four. A versatile musician who has worked with a variety of artists in a variety of genres, this medley showcases the talented artist’s ability to create stunning orchestrations that highlight the voice of her instrument. With fitting and flawless production, exquisite instrumentation, and a fun and surprising combination of songs, you’ll have Alleya’s cover medley on repeat.

Written by Katrina Charles

Q&A with Alleya

Q: Tell us about your song choices in your violin medley.

ALLEYA: Since I am an instrumentalist, I think the song choices are what connects me to the audience the most as there’s no lyrics and to play songs people already know and enjoy is important. I chose ‘Solo’ because it was my favourite Clean Bandit song and they use a lot of real strings in their music already so there was lots of source material to work with. I then followed with ‘Don’t Start Now’ because it was a song I liked and it happened to be in the same key as Solo! I also think the bass line for Don’ Start Now was a nice contrast to the sub kick drum that opens Solo. The last song, ‘Love Me More’ by Chase and Status ft. Emelí Sande was a song I also love. Even though it may not be as well known as the first two, I thought it would be good to end with something potentially new for the viewer.


Q: What drew you to the violin, and what continues to draw you to the instrument?

ALLEYA: My mom would play a lot of music in the house when I was little. When I was four I really enjoyed listening to Cirque du Soleil and asked if I could learn the violin. As I kept studying violin I had a lot of problems with stage fright. I over came them as I started playing different genres and feeling comfortable playing in new settings and for all sorts of people. Every time there is a hurdle, I just need to keep working and push through it and I think that is what I love about the violin is that the point is not to master it but to enjoy the journey.

Q: You’ve performed all over the world. Do you have a favorite performance experience? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

ALLEYA: It is hard to pick favourites, but playing at Rise Festival is one that always comes to mind. How often do you get to go skiing and then play at a music festival on the top of a mountain? I am always grateful to play at unique and out-of-the-box venues.

Q: You say that when it comes to music, you’re a visual artist. Can you explain this a bit?

ALLEYA:Because there are no lyrics or words in most of the music I play, I often see the music in my head. Sometimes its just visuals or sometimes I have a whole story I’ve come up with that is associated to the music. I think it helps me connect with what I am playing and make sense of it, so I can develop it in a focused direction.

Q: Your violin medley is captivating. What is next for you?

ALLEYA:I am working on writing original music. I will definitely be making more videos because they’re fun! I am also working on producing material with my group Solas Strings and will be performing at a few festivals this Summer.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott




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