Artist Interview: “LMK” by Baseball Hat

Q: When did you two realize you wanted to pursue music?

BASEBALL HAT: We have been musical theatre actors for the past 5 years. John had released a solo EP called “Do Disturb” and then they met up and realized they could make music together. Also, when John’s dad first played him “Revolver.”

Q: What inspired you to write “LMK”?

BASEBALL HAT: The first line of the song is an obvious pandemic reference, but the song as a whole is a conversation about holding back feelings in a relationship and how time effects our own mind.


Q:What was the best thing about writing “LMK”?

BASEBALL HAT: How  fun and quick it was. It felt like it took 3 days to all come together. If we aren’t laughing, the whole time while writing, something is wrong.

Q: Where are you hoping “LMK” takes off to ? What do you want people to feel and think about while listening to this song?

BASEBALL HAT: We are hoping it takes off and attracts people who want to be in conversation with us and love our music. I think people can feel whatever they want to about the song, but for us it came from a place of involuntary stillness and the beauty and heartache it can bring.


Q: Why is the group called Baseball Hat?

BASEBALL HAT: It’s a bit of a nod to other indie bands, and it felt classic and American and authentic to us. It also wasn’t taken.


Q: What do you have in the works now?

BASEBALL HAT: An series of singles coming out this summer. “Up All Night” was released two weeks ago and available now. We are also working on more summer singles and a debut album coming in the fall. Thank you!!!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry





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