Artist Interview: “Apathy” by Charlotte Hall

Q: What type of impact did “Apathy” have on your life?

CHARLOTTE HALL: I think several things had happened to inspire me to write ‘Apathy.’ I had left the security net of University into adult life, and just as I started to get gigs, Covid-19 hit. I was locked down in a quiet town, the music industry caved in, I had quit Contemporary Composing, and my future was full of uncertainty. I also felt isolated and trapped.

It was more of a shock moving back home than leaving for University. I had left an environment where people were ambitious and had goals, to a small town where people seem to settle quickly, and there is far too much apathy. It was one of those songs where everything just flows so quickly and I had finished it in 15 minutes. It was a cathartic experience just writing/venting about my frustrations.

Q: Tell me about the thought process you went through in writing this amazing song.

CHARLOTTE HALL: The first thing I wrote was the acoustic chord progression, which is very influenced by the likes of Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher. In contrast to the darker lyrics the music is a lot lighter in mood, I wanted to be careful not to make the song too deep for the listener. The thought I held onto whilst writing the lyrics is, surely there are more people including me that are not just living for the weekend. I really believe these people are out there, but during this last year of restrictions and lockdowns, it’s been difficult finding them! It is also the first song I have released with expletives. The songwriting is so personal that I didn’t want to censor me or my emotions.


Q: The song is about making the most out of life, but what would you say to those who are stuck in this shell and feel like they can’t get out?

CHARLOTTE HALL: Firstly, this pandemic will pass and the creative industries will return because people WANT IT. Second, if you are feeling lost and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, like-minded people are out there and they can help you. Whether it is to keep you inspired or to actually give you good advice and support towards your dreams. Third, life is short. Do what truly makes you happy. If there are days where you throw in the towel, pick it back up. You never know what lies ahead and what could happen, success does not happen overnight so be patient.


Q: What was your favorite thing about writing “Apathy”?

CHARLOTTE HALL: That it is perhaps the most real song I have written so far. It is not easy putting songs out there that are so personal, but I think about other people that could be in a similar situation. If the song inspires just one person to pursue their dreams, it is so worth it.

Q: What kinds of reaction have you gotten from people about “Apathy”?

CHARLOTTE HALL: A couple of reviews have had interesting comments! The song is more commercial to others I have written in the past and people seem to like the way this song has helped evolve my sound. To some listeners, it does feel like I am ever-developing during this stage, but I am enjoying the process and look forward to seeing where it does take me.


Q: What’s one fear you had when working on this song, and why?

CHARLOTTE HALL: With regards to lyric writing, I found it quite scary to be vulnerable. I must confess it was something I struggled with generally during that time of my life. It’s something I have been working through though, so expect more of the real me in my future releases!


Q: What else are you working on?

CHARLOTTE HALL: I have a new single coming out very soon! It is almost finished and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Again, it is a different sound but I am looking forward to seeing and hearing what listeners think!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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