Artist Interview: “Out Loud” EP by Sergi

Q: You remind me of Ben Platt because you went to school to study musical theater in London at the Urdang Academy and now you have this amazing EP out, showcasing your amazing vocals. Why the switch from musical theater to more singer-songwriter and pop music?

SERGI: This has been a very hard issue for me. I have always had inner fights to choose the right path for my artistry. I am very passion at multiple disciplines such as singing, dancing, acting, playing piano, gymnastics, and even cirque art, I have never been able to only do one because my fulfillment comes from all these disciplines. This is why I chose musical theater in the first place, where at least I could sing, dance and act at the same time. But my art wasn’t completed. I would never feel fulfilled without showing my creativity through my songs. This is why I would say I have never made a switch from musical theater to a singer-songwriter pop music career, because I have not given up on any of these careers and I believe I can live my artistry being active in both musical theater and pop music industries.

Q: How special is your “Out Loud” EP to you? What effect does it have on you? What effect do you want it to have on listeners?

SERGI: “Out Loud” is something that I have so many emotions for. This EP album represents the pain, pride, growth, inspiration, strength and forgiveness that I have experienced throughout my life. Firstly, this album proves that I cannot only follow my musical theatre career, but I can also follow my dream of being a singer-songwriter. But especially, this album is very meaningful to me because it is the first time I share with an audience all these emotions that I have written down in a song when I needed to cry about something. I believe that vulnerability is a powerful tool to help you heal your scars and although my life has not been the easiest, I am grateful for how much I have learnt from it.


Q: This EP is like a story book and I really started to get emotional listening to it, especially the song “Gone.” In fact, every song is full of emotion. Where did all of that emotion come from and how were you able to incorporate it in the songs?

SERGI: Writing songs is a very easy and natural process for me. I have never written a song intentionally, they have all been accidents. When I was a kid I used to evade myself from my problems at home through music and dance. So, the art of music has always been an emotional tool where I would allow myself to cry and let go of all my concerns. Some days, when something affected me, my instincts would bring me in front of the piano, I would play the first chords that came to my mind, and without thinking, I would let my emotions speak. That is the way I cry. I sing my feelings and I instantly feel a bit better. Now whenever I sing my songs, I travel back to the time I wrote it and I can still remember what I went through.


Q:  You moved from Barcelona to London, which is a major change. How did that change impact your life and your music?

SERGI: Moving to London has been an awakening. Being an artist was never the first option when it comes to profession. I wanted to be an architect (I know, it is hard to believe) and jumping into the arts was a hard choice, something I would overthink after much later, until I moved to London, and I saw with my own eyes that art is just as valid as any other profession. I have had so many different influences in several disciplines that I am a completely different artist now to when I arrived in London 5 years ago. Especially training a BA (Honors) Degree at The Urdang Academy, that is what shaped me into the artist that I am now. London made me believe in myself and my art, and showed me that if you want something, and you fight for it, you can achieve it. 


Q: You were the lead in the musical In the Heights. I am in love with that musical and can’t wait for the movie. What was that like? What is your favorite song from there?

SERGI: Being in “In The Heights” was an experience that, if I have to be honest, I didn’t think it would ever mean this much to me. Playing the lead role of this musical gave me that boost of self-confidence that I needed as an artist. It also gave me an understanding of how capable I am of taking such a big responsibility and delivering with confidence. This has also shaped me very much into the artist that I am now. My favorite song is by far the first song in the show, “In The Heights” because it is a song where everyone is involved, and the audience gets to discover all the different characters that live in “el barrio”. 

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

SERGI: My biggest influences in music have always been the divas. Beyoncé, to start with, but also other female singers such as Jessie J. And although I never stopped listening to the divas, I slowly shifted into other kinds of artists. Ben Platt has been an artist that I certainly know has influenced my music. But my most recent discovery and obsession is Lizzy McAlpine which has also influenced the music that I am currently writing.


Q: If you could collaborate with someone on a song, who would it be?

SERGI: Definitely Ben Platt and Lizzy McAlpine. This would be a DREAM.


Q:  What do you want your listeners to know about Sergi?

SERGI: If I could tell one thing to my listeners would be that my music was not created for fame or money. These songs are written from the heart. They were never meant to be a product. So, whoever is listening to it, my true wish is that this music can help you heal as much as it helped me when I wrote them.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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