“New Man” by Lomipo

It’s the new year and indie-pop duo Lomipo, comprising Shai Pinto (vocals, guitar, bass, and production) and Orian Rose (piano, synth, drums, and production), is

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“Girls” by Laza!

Emerging pop duo Laza! clears up the confusion and stereotypes regarding females for the world in their debut single “Girls.” While we take our time

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“Cigarette” by SNAYX

UK-based punk rock duo SNAYX is fiercely breaking into the new year with their latest single, “Cigarette,” embarking their listeners on a wild rollercoaster ride

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“Eye Rhyme” by Render Ghosts

Early December, Uk-based trio Render Ghosts (comprising singer-songwriter Tamara van Esch, composer Tom O.C Wilson, and sound artist Iain Chambers) released their debut single “Eye

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