Artist Interview: “Weeks Ago” EP by Pan Arcadia

Q: Why is the EP titled “Weeks Ago”?

PAN ARCADIA: Quarantine gave us all time to reflect on the trials and tribulations of the past while hoping for a better future. We felt that Weeks Ago spoke to that sentiment.

Q: “Drag It Out” is my favorite because of the chill but groovy sound and feel. I love the part where the backing vocals go “ringing, it’s been ringing” and the lead then sings, “Asking me if I am home” and the backing vocals sing, “Singing, you were singing.” The whole production of the song is super cool. What was the vibe like while creating this song? And what is its meaning?

PAN ARCADIA: This song went through numerous lyrical and melodic incarnations before reaching a point where we felt we were ready to release it. Lyrically, it is a contemplation of nights drawn to mornings and bottles sipped to extinction. We spent many such nights during the recording process as well.


Q: “Weeks Ago” is an energetic song that I can just see people dancing and rocking out to. What reaction have you got from people with this song? What type of reaction are you hoping to get?

PAN ARCADIA: We haven’t had a chance to play it live yet because we made it over quarantine, but we can’t wait to get back on stage and strum it out!


Q: You guys are from New York and everyone knows that it is the place where people go to make their dreams come true. What are your personal advantages and disadvantages to having a music career in New York?

PAN ARCADIA: We love the New York music scene; as performers and as fans of other local artists. We grew up playing independent clubs around NYC and were devastated when the pandemic lay waste to an already struggling community. We tried to support this community by starting an organization called Save the Scene NYC. We partnered with the non-profit Sweet Relief to develop a charity specifically for NYC musicians and industry workers struggling from the affects of COVID shutdowns. We rallied over 35 local artists for a livestream benefit and raised over $2,500. It was really inspiring to see all the artists come together for the cause. We hope to play with all of them in the future!

Q: What is your favorite song from the EP?

PAN ARCADIA: They all mean different things.


Q: What do you want your listeners to know about Pan Arcadia?

PAN ARCADIA: We just released some cool music videos; more coming up!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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