“All Seemed Well” by Mundo Park

If there is one thing I have missed most about concerts over the past 365+ days, it’s that part in the show where the band stops playing and the crowd sings as loud as they can. It’s those anthemic moments that make my heart smile, my skin tingle, my life worth it – and that is what I felt as soon as “play” was pressed on “All Seemed Well” from Mundo Park. 

“All Seemed Well” not only felt anthemic thanks to a heartfelt chorus and a strong musical arrangement but also had major summer vibes to it as well. Not in the same sense as say, a boisterous pop song from the likes of Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift, but rather those songs you hear that make you sort of nostalgic for a particular moment in time. On top of all of that, the current single from this Netherlands-based trio also feels cinematic with the overall delivery. 

This anthemic summer song is the latest single off Mundo Park’s 2021 EP, ‘MMXXI.’ A handful of songs deep, ‘MMXXI’ is the highly anticipated followup to 2017s ‘Promise of the Night,’ and does not disappoint. With a sound that brings forth a delightful indie rock with alternative jolts here and there, fans of Lifehouse, Our Lady Peace, and Matchbox Twenty would be wise to add Mundo Park to their must-listen playlists sooner than later. 

“All Seemed Well” is the first of many new songs from Mundo Park that will be out in 2021 as the band plans to drop a new single every month over the next year. So stay tuned for more!

Written by Kendra Beltran





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