Artist Interview: “Jesus Dance With Me” by Fishburn

Q: What inspired you to create “Jesus Dance With Me”?

FISHBURN: I have a list of random possible titles. This melody came t me out of the blue on day and I went back to the list and “Jesus Dance With Me” jumped out immediately and I ran with it. I ended up writing it on my deceased dad’s birthday last year.

Q: You mentioned how the lyrics came from people who had near death experiences (NDE) and reported what they witnessed. Did those people talk to you directly or was it research? Also, how did it make you feel learning about these experiences?

FISHBURN: I ended up reading between 12-15 NDE books after my father’s death as one of the ways to cope with loss. The books were written by the actual person that experienced it. The amazing thing was that many similar elements popped up in the books that I concluded weren’t just coincidence. Lines in the song are based on some of those reoccurring elements. 


Q: How did you feel working on this song?

FISHBURN: I was actually getting tingles when the words fell into place with the melody that was written. It’s the first time that they happened to me while writing a song.


Q: What are you hoping people get from listening to this song?

FISHBURN: I’m hoping to give people a glimpse of what’s next after this short trip on earth. Colors we’ve never seen before, we get to project ourselves as young—instead of looking old in heaven—no sickness or ailments and no bad feelings/regrets with friends and relatives that bind us here down on earth. Everything is forgiven between everyone if you make it up there.

Q: How does your music impact your relationship with Christ?

FISHBURN: I pray while I’m writing these songs. I ask Him to use me as His tool and help me with messages that form in my head and heart. That’s the simplest way I can put it.


Q: What are you working on now?

FISHBURN: The remixes just came out a couple of weeks ago and give the song even more life in a few more genres. The next song is a tropical house Kygo type of a song about praying. I have a male singer on it and I’m getting excited to release it later this summer.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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