“What It Takes” by Erick Beau

One of the best indicators of a good song is that in just one listen, you find yourself singing along the second time around. That is what you get with “What It Takes” by Erick Beau. Right off the bat, this song welcomes you in with a lighthearted arrangement, and from there has you moving and grooving along to the beautiful Bluegrass infused Americana. 

“What It Takes” is the latest single from Beau’s EP that goes by the same name, and man does it present itself well. The Canadian-based singer-songwriter noted himself this was a “playful feel-good summer song,” and he could not be more right. This is a song you could sing all by your lonesome while in your car, or around a fire pit in your backyard on a warm, summer evening with friends. 

Lyrically, the song is just as Beau said, playful. The back and forth between him and his female counterpart throughout sets a great tone and showcases an extra layer of storytelling and craftsmanship in the overall song. You not only hear Erick Beau’s side of things but get to hear sort of who the song is directed at as well; another reason this song would be great in a group setting with family and friends. 

Something Erick Beau has years of experience doing as he’s been performing in bands since he was a mere 12’years-old. Six years after that, he signed a production and licensing deal but later aimed his focus on becoming a lawyer. However, when he wasn’t hitting the books, he was jotting down song ideas because he always knew in the back of his head he’d head back down that path. 

Now he’s gearing up for the release of his 2021 debut album, ‘What It Take,’ which features the title track as well as “Coming Home,” “Waiting For You,” and “I Found Love in You (MJ’s Song).” Those who love a storyteller with a country heart, stay tuned for more from Erick Beau. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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