“I’d Never” by Helen

Gone are the days of needing huge labels and a team of a dozen or so behind you to make it in music. Thanks to all the advances in technology, and a little thing called the internet, independent artists can produce music that is on par (and sometimes better) than what we hear from mainstream heavy hitters. Take Helen for example. She has produced three singles of her own so far, each one as good as the last – including “I’d Never.” 

Written from the perspective of someone who didn’t mean to catch feels and is hesitant to commit, “I’d Never” is a song many can relate to but whether or not the lyrical content hits home – the overall beats and sounds make this a pop music banger. You can imagine it flowing through the speakers while a drink is in hand by the pool, and the sun kisses every inch of your skin. 

Helen grew up listening to upbeat songs such as this which is part of the reason she does the type of music she does, “I always listened to fun songs that brought me joy even during my darkest times so I aspire to be a musician that can also make music to others that can be a source of light during a time where they may feel down.”

Helen started writing at just 14-years-old and come 2021 was ready to go all out. “I’d Never” follows “Hopeless” at its 70’s roller rink vibes, and came right before her take on a ballad, “Forgive Me.” Each song showcases a different side of her pop artistry, and her ability to not be one-note when it comes to a listening experience. 

Fans of Ariana Grande and Rihanna will want to take note and keep tabs on Helen! 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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