Artist Interview: “Safe Place” by Marina Marie

Q: “Safe Place” is a dreamy mid tempo love song. What was the inspiration behind your latest single? Did you work with anyone to create “Safe Place”?

MARINA: I created safe place in my little home studio with a friend’s help. The song is dedicated to my boyfriend who always gives me inspiration for any lyrics I write about love.

Q: Your voice really shines on this track. Vocally, who are your biggest influences?

MARINA: My biggest influences are Christina Aguilera and Sia. Not only because of their voluminous voice but also because of their inspiring and strong personality.


Q: What would a dream music video for “Safe Place” look like?

MARINA: I can imagine running through a field of flowers in slow motion on a hot summer day, a bit cliché, I think haha. But it would perfectly spread the vibe of “Safe Place”.


Q: What do you like most about making music?

MARINA: Coming together and sharing emotions with people, expressing my feelings through the lyrics I write and I think healing with singing cause music always kinda saves me.

Q: Before going solo, you started singing in a band. What was that experience like and what did you learn from it?

MARINA: Singing with other people always brings so much fun and experience. I learned what it means to look out for others instead of doing your own thing. I also took away a lot of energy and many commonalities that we could live out together.


Q: You were born in Munich. How has your hometown influenced your music?

MARINA: Munich is full of talented artists and i already came across a lot of those sharing their music and story with other people. Maybe one day I’ll also get up to sit on the downtown with a guitar (I’m going to learn haha) and sing out my soul.


Q: What are five things we should know about you?

MARINA: One day someone told me: “Life gave you this shit, so take it and run with it!” So i took it and still always give my best to share my story and music with the world. I wanna let people feel the things I feel when I sing. That’s all you need to know (maybe also that I like dogs, have a really crazy side no one believes, and for my friends I’m their therapist when it comes to deep talks and feelings haha.)

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant


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