Review & Interview: “Loving You” by Camille Pastore

Camille Pastore’s latest single “Loving You” is a driving, thoughtful track that will resonate with anyone who has ever loved someone who is undecided. With excellent production and beats that will have you dancing away your worries, “Loving You” possesses the perfect blend of heart and rhythm.

Beginning with a somber intro of pensive piano chords, the mood suddenly shifts with an upbeat flow and an arpeggiated instrumental melody that supports Pastore’s strong, bold vocals. Telling the relatable tale of expectations versus reality in a romantic affair, Pastore’s performance is dynamic as she sings “I wish I never met you, now my heart is confused, and it’s all because I can’t help from loving you”. The accompaniment is consistent and supportive as it creates a pared back dancehall sound that would make this track just as at home on the dancefloor as playing through your car speakers at top volume.

 Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, 19-year-old Camille Pastore is currently pursuing her love of music at the University of Miami. This artist has an innate talent for capturing complex emotions in her honest lyrics and, when paired with her beautifully versatile and unique voice, brings a depth and realness to her music that will take her far. With her debut single “Loving You”, Pastore has built the foundation for a strong career with a soulful style that you can’t help from loving.

Written by Katrina Charles

Q&A with Camille Pastore

Q: This is your debut single. How did you get into music?

CAMILLE:I feel like i’ve always loved music and the arts for as long as i can remember. Home videos are definitely a testament to that statement. It started pretty much with just singing lullabies to my younger brother when we were babies, and as i got older, I just kept singing and singing, and I always loved it. I actually didn’t start pursuing music seriously until i reached my senior year of high school and was applying for college. I went back and forth between musical theatre auditions and contemporary music auditions and i just fell in love with the creative process and self expression of creating your own music.

Q: I see you’re a big Hannah Montana fan. Me, too. Who are some of your other influences?

CAMILLE: Ah yes my girl, Hannah… 4 year old me wanted nothing more than to be her. So, at all stages of life and career, Miley Cyrus has been one of my greatest inspirations. She’s been through so much and is just so wise and really unapologetically embracing herself with her music, style, sexuality, genres…it’s so admirable. I love when artists are people and show their vulnerable side and let listeners into their life. From a musicality and genre perspective Ariana Grande & Sza are definitely my biggest musical influences and inspirations… Ari’s vocals and passion are unmatched and something I strive for on the daily. I just adore her in every way. Taylor swift is a lyrical genius and amazing story teller- so much so that you get to step into the glorious world she created. Story telling is one of my favorite aspects of songwriting and singing and dare I say it might be the most important. And I love love love fluidity between genres and styles like Miley, Taylor, and Lady Gaga…it’s incredible. I could go on and on about people i look up to, Beyonce, Patsy Cline, Mac Miller, Carol King, Aretha Franklin… but I digress.


Q: Did anything particular inspire “Loving You?”

CAMILLE: I actually had the chorus for “Loving You” for years but i wasn’t near experienced enough with writing nor had I experienced any attempt at love at that time. But when I got to college my first semester, I met a guy who was so obviously wrong for me and not the best person but i couldn’t help the attraction… thus Loving You was born. It was the best thing to see it be fully fleshed out and come to life from just a melody in my head to a fully produced song. I am so in love with writing and creating music “Loving You” is just the beginning for sure.


Q: You’re currently a college student at the University of Miami. Have your studies influenced you artistic process? If so, how?

CAMILLE: Going to Miami was probably the best decision of my life thus far. That’s when I dove into songwriting and started seeking out other artists and producers to collaborate with and i got so lucky finding an awesome producer in Miami. Being surrounded by people your own age who are just as creative and passionate about music sparks so many ideas, and manifests endless ambition and productivity. I’ve only really just “sang,” but then at college i really learned how to write lyrics, and create fun chord progressions and I just learned how to perform and what it means to be an artist/musician and not just a girl who likes to sing. I’m minoring in music business and those courses have been so challenging yet very insightful for this industry I’m about to enter. Self production is also something I’m hoping to get better at because before college, I didn’t even know what a Digital Audio Workstation like Logic was, and now I have a better understanding of production as a whole.


Q: What can fans expect next from you?

CAMILLE: Music! Music! Music! I’ve been writing a lot lately and just swimming in thoughts and ideas for what I’m going to do next. It’s actually so rewarding and even a little overwhelming. I have some more singles planned to release this summer and maybe even a video or two! Definitely be on the look out because this is just the small beginning to a large and ambitious journey!!! I genuinely appreciate this life and opportunity so much so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep streaming “Lovin You,” and be ready for what’s next!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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