Artist Interview: “That’s What She Said” by Madison Deaver

Q: “That’s What She Said” is a bold track full of energy and tongue n’ cheek lyrics. Walk us through the making of this song.

MADISON: This song is about a personal experience from a while back. I remember I had a studio session a few days after the peak of the situation went down. I was very annoyed still and there was a lot of things I didn’t say in the heat of the moment that I knew I shouldn’t. Writing ‘That’s What She Said’ with Una Jensen and putting on paper all the things I didn’t say before was the best way I could’ve possibly gotten the rest of my anger out.

Q: Nowadays, you don’t hear too many pop-rock, guitar-lead tracks. What inspired the sonic direction of “That’s What She Said”?

MADISON: I’ve always been into heavy guitar-led tracks. That sound has been the vision of what I’ve wanted my music to sound like since I’ve started making my own. I’m definitely very inspired by the albums “Here We Go Again” by Demi Lovato and “Riot!” by Paramore. I think that shines through on this EP.


Q: On your upcoming EP, TONGUE-TIED, you collaborated with producers from Nottingham, UK and Los Angeles, CA. Why did you decide to work with producers from different parts of the globe?

MADISON: It actually happened on accident. I was looking for producers to work with on Instagram and when I found some who had the sound I was looking for I DMed them. I never bothered to see where they were located. I spoke to a bunch of people about my EP and the vibe I wanted and Una, Natt and Adam were the people I just really clicked with and ended up loving working with.


Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

MADISON: I’d describe myself as an artist who is honest and energetic. It took me a while to be honest because I was constantly worried about what others thought. I was also concerned that people would be upset with me because I was writing about my personal life and they would recognize that it would involve them. It’s also hard to just put your feelings and emotions on display for everyone to hear. I’ve also always been a pretty energetic person so if I’m not doing something like writing, recording or planning my next project I get antsy.

Q: You’re a fantastic songwriter. Did writing always come easily to you, or was it a process?

MADISON: It was definitely a process. I used to write lines down that I came up with that never went anywhere or I didn’t know what to do with. Then I started writing with my friend who helped me figure out how to put the story of the song together. I finally started writing by myself after a while when I felt more confident on my own. The first song I ever released that I wrote by myself was ‘I Forgive You’. I’m really proud of that song and having been able to share it. I love co-writing though. It’s fun getting to hear other ideas and opinions besides mine and I’ve learned a lot from those experiences.


Q: Which artists influence your writing?

MADISON: Artists that influence my writing are P!nk and Julia Michaels. I love how honest their lyrics are and the unique way they go about writing certain personal and important concepts.


Q: What do you hope people take away from your music?

MADISON: I hope while people are having fun listening to my music (because they’re all very in your face anthem songs) that they’re able to take away the stories behind them and relate to them.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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