Review & Interview: “Runaway” by Maycee Breaux

 Singer and songwriter Maycee Breaux has just released her debut single “Runaway”, an alluring, confident song that blends elements of soulful jazz, R&B, and pop production. The singer’s style is modern with a classic, throwback twist that will transport you to a dark corner in a smokey room in a 1940s film noir movie.

With a sultry saxophone intro, you are mesmerized by Breaux’s breathy, harmonious vocalizations that are electric and vibrant as they drift over the calm melody. In the verse, Breaux’s voice is striking and soulfully textured over light piano accompaniment. The chorus comes in with a brass punch as the artist sings “I’m a runaway, tonight I won’t be tamed” with an empowering delivery that allows her versatile vocal range to flourish. The production is dynamic and supportive as it moves through the song creating depth and variety in a consistent and unwavering way.

Based in Orange County, California, 22-year-old Maycee Breaux moved from her hometown in the Sierra Nevada mountains to pursue her career as an artist. “Runaway” was the first song she began writing after her move, and she states, “it feels full circle that this song gets to be my first release”. Currently working on her upcoming EP due out later this year, Breaux’s first single is a strong, impressive release that showcases the artist’s rich and dynamic voice, impeccable songwriting, and flawless production. Add in her instinct for blending modern and throwback sounds, and “Runaway” is bound to be a runway hit.

Written by Katrina Charles


Q: You’re a talented vocalist! What is your musical background?

MAYCEE: Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up being apart of church choir and did musical theatre in my school years, I always enjoyed the performing aspect. I started writing songs as a kid, and over the years songwriting has become my safe-space, a way for me to work through whatever is going on in my mind and heart.

Q: Can you walk us through your artistic process?

MAYCEE: The way I go about creating music is a little different every time. Sometimes I will sit at my piano and mess around with melodies and then lyrics will pour out based on that. Other times, like with “Runaway,” I’ll start off journaling my thoughts and take lyrics from what I’ve written, and the music follows after, it’s whatever feels right. To me, music is all about the feeling.


Q: What made you choose “Runaway” for your debut single?

MAYCEE: Runaway was actually the first song I started writing when I moved to Southern California in 2019 to seek a career in the creative arts field. I moved on to other creative projects and kind of forgot about it for a while. It was only about 7 months ago that I decided to fully pursue music as my main endeavor, so I came back to this song that I started writing when I first moved my whole life to go chase my dreams and finished it. It feels very full-circle that Runaway gets to be my debut song.”


Q: How have you remained motivated artistically amidst a pandemic?

MAYCEE: For me, the time spent in quarantine really brought out opportunity to devote time to my craft. I’m naturally a hard-worker and solution-oriented, so when there are difficulties and hardships going on in my life, I tend to try and utilize them as a driving force to create something good and light. I hope that my music can bring a little light to those listening.


Q: “Runaway” is a great summer jam! Do you have any exciting summer plans your fans should know about?

MAYCEE: Thank you! “Runaway” is just the beginning of what is coming from me. I’m already working on another project for this summer, everyone should be on the look out for an EP coming soon. I can’t wait to share more of my music with y’all.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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