‘Power Dynamic’ by Jessica Roch

Jessica Roch was only a mere three years old when she saw a family friend playing the violin. Instantly enamored, she did what anyone that age would do in wanting something – she asked her parents around the clock until they agreed to get her lessons. Ironically enough, the violin teacher was married to a piano teacher and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, more like the rest was her present as Jessica Roch presents her 2021 debut EP, ‘Power Dynamic.’ 

Made up of four songs, ‘Power Dynamic’ is a marriage between Jessica Roch’s two instruments of choice, some organ moments, and a little hint of the human voice done in a way that is far from conventional.

The lead, titular single – which dropped back on Piano Day on March 29th – has these pops of twinkling sounds now and again that keep listeners on their feet. Overall though, this song has a cinematic quality to it. One that can be likened to something that would’ve helped guide the action of HBO’s hit series, ‘Westworld’ due to the eerie beauty presented. And while “Twelve oh Two” does have this bit of a funk feel at the start, the classical waves that break through also give this song a ‘Westworld’ vibe as well.

Aside from the tracks that could very well be the backdrop to Evan Rachel Wood’s on-screen antics, the middle of the album has a lot to show for too. “Nerve Wave” brings an extra layer of audible drama to the table, while “Dictate/Medicate” stands out for the way Jessica Roch utilizes the human voice in a way that transforms it into more of its own instrument than the typical vocal we’re used to in mainstream music. It was as if each breath was a melody perfectly paired with the music that encased it. 

She told Haumea Magazine, “I’ve used my own voice as an instrument in my music before but not as a dominant feature, so really experimenting with my voice brought up all kinds of questions about how I make music – the methodology and the style.” 

Jessica Roch opted out of the traditional studio environment when it came time to work on this record due to the pandemic in 2020. She notes, “I found a little Airbnb with a lovely piano and

recorded everything myself which was a fairly brutal learning experience.” In a world where artists can and do go the DIY route, it seems as if she made the right choice for her as this EP sounds as pristine as any out now. 

Those who find themselves listening extra hard to the scores of their favorite movies and TV shows, and those who enjoy a nice classically done piece will want to check out Jessica Roch’s ‘Power Dynamic,’ available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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