Artist Interview: “Circles” by Wyn Starks

Q: The setting and aesthetics of the “Circles” music video fit beautifully with the music. Can you tell us about the artistic choices you made for the video?

WYN: We really loved the idea of connecting the old and new, so we were able to find this amazing hip hop dancer by the name of Draem and ask if he would be interested in being a part. He was all on board, so we drove to Memphis where he lives. It was awesome to shoot it in Memphis because it’s so rich with history of soul music, so it just felt right.

Q: “Circles” is already stuck in my head! What’s the story behind the song?

WYN:“Circles” was birthed from a bad day haha. I called my friend Fred who I also shot and directed the video and was venting to him. And he was like, “good let’s write a song.” When we started writing, I had this feeling in my gut that it was something special. So to see the response and all the love it’s getting is just amazing and just confirms the feeling I had about it being something special.


Q: I think what makes “Circles” such a special song are the timeless musical qualities and hooks. Who are your musical influences?

WYN: I have so many musical influences: Whitney, Michael, Prince, Stevie, Marvin Gaye, Aretha, a lot of the icons grew up listening and learning from them. Some recent influences are Jazmine Sullivan, Her, Giveon, Leon bridges. Just to name a few.


Q: You have a pure, beautiful voice. How do you sustain such a consistent, strong voice?

WYN: Thank you so much. Vocal care has been a learning process for me, but it’s definitely important because I want to have longevity. Plus, I have to be ready for touring, so I want to make sure that I’m at my best so I can give my best. Staying hydrated, doing warm ups and resting is important. It doesn’t hurt that I’m always singing. So I guess that keeps it nice and strong haha.

Q: I know our readers will really enjoy “Circles.” So what can we expect next from you?

WYN: The response to “Circles” has been amazing. It’s actually brought listeners to a lot of my other releases, which is great. And it’s so cool to know people want more and I am definitely looking forward to sharing new music with everyone. I’ll be releasing my first album this fall. It’s definitely been a journey in making this album because I want it to be right, so I hoping that i can bring people into my world when they hear it and it resonates with people because it’s truly from the heart.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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