Artist Interview: “Four Seasons” by Hybrazil

Q: Four Seasons” is such a catchy track! Was there any particular event which inspired the song?

HYBRAZIL: Thanks so much! Actually, someone at work had said the weather was like four seasons in one day – and it made me think of someone I knew like that.

Q: The group has been together for a few years now. How did you start performing together?

HYBRAZIL: Will was the first to start playing in the streets of Galway. Some time later Orla joined the group when she saw an ad on facebook where they would be looking for a vocalist and then finally Luan, who was already a friend of Will, joined the group when he was invited to join the band.


Q: Hybrazil was a cover band until 2020. What made you decide to start writing original music?

HYBRAZIL: Luan besides the drummer is also the guy who records and produces the songs. One day he suggested that we could record some original songs, just for fun. So Will showed the band with some music he had already written and so we recorded our first single called “Burning Desire”


Q: How did the group remain motivated during a global pandemic?

HYBRAZIL: We believe that the biggest motivation is to do what you really love. We understand that this period would be very important for us to find our way, improve and be better prepared for when things return to normal.

Q: As the world returns to normal, what are you looking forward to most as musicians?

HYBRAZIL: Certainly what we want most is to be able to play for an audience again.
During the pandemic we produced a lot of content like videos and music for our social media in a way to be able to continue to have some kind of interaction with our audience. But no technology is going to be able to replace the heat and energy of a live gig.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott




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