Artist Interview: “Stay for the Summertime” by Jaimie Rozanski

Q: “Stay for the Summertime” is a charity single. Can you tell us about the track and the cause?

JAIMIE: It is. It’s in conjunction with The NHS Charities together so all funds raised will go directly to them! I wrote it during the awful November lockdown, and it’s just about hope really ‘waiting for the summer to come again,’ and it just felt quite fitting to be a lockdown track – where we were quite literally waiting for the summer to come again.

I recorded it with my producer Mike Sanderman of North Brighton Studios because we had certain restrictions to abide by it was all pretty one take and it means it has this quite raw feel to it. But I like that I think it’s fitting to the nature of the track.

Q: It’s great you are actively supporting frontline workers. How did this project come about?

JAIMIE: So I had the track recorded and I think I just wanted to do something good or try at least to do something positive with it.


Q: Did you have any musical goals during the production process?

JAIMIE: We were pretty limited with what we were able to do really so we were just focused on getting the best takes really rather than anything to technical production wise. I remember being a bit unhappy with my vocals initially but Mike is great when your doubting yourself and now I actually really like how raw and live it sounds.


Q: What is your musical background?

JAIMIE: So I’ve always just been in bands really and I’m still in one now with my best mates which is great I’m really blessed but I’ve also kind of always wanted to do a solo project to give me space for my own more somber stuff really.

Q: Is there anything that you hope your audience can take away from “Stay for the Summertime?”

JAIMIE: I guess it’s so cliche really but just that when things seem really really crap to hold on. I really like that the night is always darkest before the dawn metaphor- I think it’s from Batman, but it’s still a great idea.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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