Review & Interview: “What Took Her So Long” by Caroline Lucius

Caroline Lucius has just released her single “What Took Her So Long”, a driving, upbeat pop song that delves into the subject of growing into the people we’re meant to become. Featuring encompassing production and Lucius’ powerful, classic voice that channels a laid-back, 70s rock vibe, “What Took Her So Long” is the kind of song that is universal and timeless in content and context.

An ambient electric guitar intro confidently sets the scene as a light, reverberating melody weaves between the guitar notes and steady drumbeat. The verse features Lucius’ striking voice with decorative harmonies that create a captivating depth. The singer fluctuates from low to high notes effortlessly while infusing each word with an emotional charge that resonates to your core as she sings “what took her so long to get here, where has she been?”

With incredible production, creative instrumentation, and an old soul voice that will make you want to soak in every drop of wisdom it delivers, the Chicago, Illinois native is creating a new kind of music with old roots. Co-written with her brother Schaeffer Lucius who provided the guitar stylings and musical composition, “What Took Her So Long” is an expertly produced, infectious track that will have you wondering what took you so long to listen.

Written by Katrina Charles

Q&A with Caroline Lucius

Q: You’ve written for yourself and your brother. How did you get into songwriting?

CAROLINE: I always wrote poetry growing up, and secretly had a desire to be some sort of performer. But I was really self conscious about singing in front of people. It’s kind of random but I got more into songwriting when I was a part of the improv comedy scene. I almost hid behind the humor for a while and wrote funny songs until I started to realize that music was what I wanted to take more seriously. Then as years went by, Schaeffer started getting really good at the guitar- way better than me – and so our co-writing began.

Q: Can you tell us the story behind “What Took Her So Long?”

CAROLINE: The very beginnings of the song were inspired by things I learned about my grandmother who died when I was 11. Piecing together what made her who she was, what makes me who I am. And from there, I started thinking about the concept of growing into who you’re meant to be, finding ways to push past fear and find joy. I think many of us tend to beat ourselves up for taking so long to figure out who we are instead of appreciating the journey. You can be driven and determined, which is great, but believing in yourself is most important.


Q: I really enjoyed the production of “What Took Her So Long”- there are some great uses of harmony! Was there anything in particular you hoped to achieve during the production process?

CAROLINE: Rick Barnes at Rax Trax recording studio did an amazing job helping with the vocal harmonies. For the main vocals, I wanted the verses to express a somewhat ominous vibe, contrasting the chorus that is meant to be more celebratory and hopeful. Schaeffer thought his main guitar riff almost felt like a melodic piano part, so he aimed for a shimmery, spacy sound. Sort of like a chorus-y keyboard tone.


Q: You’ve put out several releases over the past few years. Has your style evolved, and if so, how?

CAROLINE:Our style has definitely evolved. Kind of like the message behind this song- it can take a while to figure yourself out! We’ve become more confident in understanding how we want to sound and what we want to get across. We’re definitely experimenting more with new sounds while trying to remain genuine to our musical roots.


Q: What can fans expect next from you?

CAROLINE:As things open up, we hope to be performing again soon. Pre-pandemic, we were really enjoying live shows and playing with our band. In the meantime, we’ll be staying active on social media and working more in the studio for another release in the near future.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott





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