“Painkiller” by Nelson Gibson, Jr.

Nelson Gibson, Jr.’s latest track “Painkiller” is an incredibly soulful song that takes its own path. With gorgeous production and musical waves that are impossible to anticipate, “Painkiller” is not only an uplifting and heartfelt song, but also a thrilling masterpiece. 

With a beautifully spacious and haunting piano introduction, “Painkiller” begins with a slow buildup of vocal harmonies that are simultaneously soft and jarring. Gibson’s voice is confident and emotive as he honestly sings the raw lyrics that are full of poetic depth. A beat briefly appears underneath the swirling harmonies like a fleeting heartbeat before the production pulls back to leave Gibson’s voice alone with the piano accompaniment. He sings “you’re not my painkiller, but you’re my healer” with a strong, expressive delivery. The orchestration is strategic and unexpected; the instrumentation and harmonic decorations ebb and flow to emphasize the story in a cohesive and surprising way. The song grows in intensity to an explosion of emotion and radiant production before again returning to a pared back performance.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Nelson Gibson, Jr. exhibits an incredible instinct for crafting songs that speak right to your soul. Produced and mixed by MB Productions Entertainment’s Mike Brown and mastered by the Grammy award winning CL Baxter, “Painkiller” is an engaging, encompassing song that will surely heal what ails you.

Written by Katrina Charles



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