Artist Interview: “Confession Tapes” by Fivesideddice

Q: Were there any events in your life that inspired Confession Tapes?

FiveSidedDice: Definitely. Many personal events throughout the years of my life have played a defining role in my music, often seeping through the cracks of my writing and compositional work. I intend to allow it to do so more frequently in future. Feels good, man. I enjoy leaving it up to the listener to come up with their own interpretation of the songs and art, ultimately making my original intentions almost entirely just for me and my own catharsis.

Q: How has attending music school impacted your career as an artist?

FSD: Studying music at university, as well as taking it as a subject in high school, allows any musician and songwriter to step out of their comfort zone and truly grow as an artist. I was lucky enough to attend university for free as my mother worked at the institution. If it were not for her boundless work and dedication to helping her family, I would have never had the opportunity to do so. The years spent studying my passion allowed me to network with like-minded individuals and truly understand what it is that makes a musical mind tick.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

FSD: Personally, I would describe the music I make as an eccentric and colorful blend of orchestrated chaos and neatly packaged familiarity. I like to make music of many different genres, but I also like to maintain a sense of familiarity within the compositional styles, borrowing and taking influence from artists of various other popular genres and niches. It’s just (mostly) palatable colourful noise, haha.

Q: What is your favorite song off Confession Tapes?

FSD: Personally, I really enjoy how “Wretched”, the opening track, came out in the end. I loved pushing my vocal range a little bit more, and experimenting with tempo, as well as atmospheric changes. There’s a handful of “fry screaming”, falsettos, and other contrasting vocal techniques I tried to use in the song, and I think it is nicely complimented by the differing tones of the guitar throughout the recording

Q: On the EP you have a song I Found My Home, What or where is your home? What makes it home?

FSD: The concept of “home” being referred to in that specific song is not necessarily a physical place or location. It is written about my partner, and whether or not I would be able to be truly happy in a “better” part of the world, but without them. It’s the same way I see “homeless” people. I see them as “houseless”, instead of “homeless”, as many houseless folks that I’ve spoken to consider the streets their “home”, or at least they find a sense of home in the little things that bring them joy in their life. So, basically, my home is in the comfort of those that I love.

Q: Who are your biggest influences musically?

FSD: Wow, this is a tough one. What I say now could change within the next day or two! But right now, and for a long while, I would say it’s definitely included Max Richter, Hatebreed, Chris Palko / Cage, Chester Bennington, Copeland, Leftover Crack, a handful of outsider artists, as well as almost every single local band/musician that I meet! I’m sure we all know that this list could go on forever, just like my love for all their music!

Interviewed by Tyler Roberts





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