Artist Interview: “Fear” by Graham Davy

Q: “Fear” is an exceptional piece of poetry. Is there a story behind the lyrics?

GRAHAM DAVY: That’s very kind of you to say. Paddy wrote the verses as they are. They are unedited. So there is probably an honesty to them. I then re-wrote the choruses as we felt the original chorus wasn’t strong enough. (Though we kept the melody for the backing vocals) There’s a line that says ‘he may get me, it may well pass, he may catch me in the long grass’ This gave I the idea that if Fear is out there stalking us it would be best to wait it out and kill it off. The 3rd verse acknowledges that we must be vigilant against our demons, they may ‘re-ignite’. Maybe they’re waiting it out? We try to put a lot of thought into our lyrics but they fall short of poetry in our opinion, but thanks! 

Q: I was very impressed with the production- it’s the perfect balance between older production techniques and contemporary, aural finesse. How did you achieve this challenging blend of “old meets new?”

GRAHAM DAVY: Again, very kind. We tried to record the bass and drums raw with no frills. Looking for a 60s style and sound. The guitar parts then provide the modern aspect. Kind of ethereal and spacey. Tame Impala would definitely be an influence and is often a main reference we’d give to the engineer @scotthalliday.com 


Q: The artwork for “Fear” is an exceptional example of cover art. What was your artistic/collaborative process with the artist, and would you like to add any more context to the artwork?

GRAHAM DAVY: The art work is provided by a good friend of ours @ jamesloughman.com. We’d like to take some credit for the cover art but it was all his. Luckily he felt obliged to help us out and he says he likes the songs so this is what he was inspired to create for ‘Fear’. Thanks, Jim. 


Q: Do you have a specific artistic goal with your music? Is there anything specific with “Fear?”

GRAHAM DAVY: For us, the goal is to connect with people. As music lovers we all have songs that become parts of our lives. We’re just delighted to have a chance to add some more options for people. If there was one person who took the song ‘Fear’ in and took some hope from it, or used it  to take a break from whatever hardship they had going on, that would surpass any other goal for us.   

Q: Grahm Davy epitomizes the “Dynamic Duo.” What is one thing you learned from each other?

GRAHAM DAVY: We learned everything about collaboration from each other. It’s a very tricky process to express yourself and be open to another person adapting it. Being close friends helps. Honesty can be a double edged sword! 

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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