“Love and Found” by Desarae Dee

On her recent release “Love and Found”, Toronto native and jazz fusion artist Desarae Dee, once again shows off her unique style utilizing her signature synthesizers to give off an energy that’s hard to match. The wavering drone the song opens up with transitions effortlessly into a busier almost hip hop-esque drum beat. This allows the drone to take a back seat as more intricate voicings help shape the melody. These jazz influenced chords help drive the song while leaving the song feeling cool and collected.

With a simple yet catchy melody, the song seems to float along almost whimsically from one destination to the next. Each new voice to join helps develop the message of the song without cluttering it. Every element of the song felt very deliberate and thought out; at no point did it feel like it was rambling or directionless.

The way the melody is passed around through the different instrumentation allows the song to feel refreshing and new for the entirety. The riffs over the solo section were as tasteful as they were entertaining. Desarae’s training and discipline is evident throughout the song as she develops the harmony and delivers the melody.

Although there aren’t lyrics at no point does Desarae struggle to convey what the song is ultimately about, love. Much like love this song has many elements that feel familiar, but there’s always something new, surprising, and interesting. Each phrase brought a new energy to the conversation and leaves the listener feeling satisfied and yearning for more. 

Written by Tyler Roberts





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