Artist Interview: “Pretty Baby” by Clark Copland

Q: There are a variety of genres infused in “Pretty Baby.” Who are your influences? Are there any specific ones showcased on this track? 

CLARK: There sure are a few genres and influences intertwined into Pretty Baby. It is hard to pin point because I’d like to have a very unique style that is my own, but easily digestible for any listener. My influences span from R&B/ Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and Country. I like to listen to all sorts of music to make my own sound as diverse as possible. I really enjoy and respect the work of Kanye West, Jon Bellion, Justin Bieber, J. Cole Mac Miller, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ariana Grande, the list could go on and on. This track in particular I wanted to have some sort of Bruno Mars energy with my very own twist/ showcase. 

Q: Describe the production process of “Pretty Baby.” Was it solo or a collaborative effort? 

CLARK: The production process was an interesting one. I collaborated with my producer Rayne the first day we linked up. It was interested because we knew we had a product to come of it, but it didn’t settle in for a bit. We made the demo and then worked on other songs around it and had to revisit it. The melody and vocals worked out, but the work put in to surround it had to be thought out and revisited quite a bit. The moment Rayne really dove into it and dissected everything needed to make it pop, it sat so well and made such a fresh sound from day one the release itself. 


Q: Is there anything in particular that you hope fans take away from your music?

CLARK: If there’s anything I want people to take away, it’s the storyline of the upcoming album. The way I grew up and enjoyed music is listening to projects front to back/ start to finish. A lot of my inspiration stems from a Hip-Hop layout and/ or R&B, with a flow and journey throughout the entire piece. So, the thing to take away is to sort of sit with it and be taken away into a Utopic type of world and sound but also just to jam out, rock out, and enjoy in any way and atmosphere possible. 


Q: You’ve put out a couple releases this year(and I noticed more yet to come!). What keeps you artistically motivated? 

CLARK: The motivation musically comes from pure enjoyment of the craft and having something worth sharing with a lot of hard work and emotion put in. For me it’s almost easy to keep going because I look forward to where the songs out and coming soon take me, but also all the creations to come. I haven’t been this heavily involved in music making and I went all in over the past year or so. The fact that I can sit on releases to come including a full length album is all the validation I need to think of all the next steps. That being any type of live performances, tours, and in a somewhat “long run” vision, a second project to follow it up. 

Q: Speaking of releases, tell us what you have planned! What can fans expect?

CLARK: Release wise, since “Pretty Baby” on May 21st 2021, I have “Red Dress” out now. After that, on June 18th 2021 “Fairlight Lullaby” is coming out and 2 more to follow that up. By July 2nd 2021 I will have my 6 single roll out completed from the upcoming full length album. There are a few things to take care of on the back end for the album to be completed, so I look forward to dialling in those last steps to really promote that Album which I’m so proud of and have been working towards for some time now. Fans can expect a full body of work and all the passion involved to create something different and special to me. My goal is to make it just as special for the people listening as it was to create. 

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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