“Inner Space Outer Space” by Jukebox County

JukeBox County’s debut album Inner Space/Outer Space is a classic rock time machine. With throwback sounds that blend the best of nostalgia with a bit of modern flair, Inner Space/Outer Space is the kind of album that will make you want to hop in your car and drive down a highway with the windows rolled down.

The album begins with “Words”, a song driven by rhythmic acoustic guitar and accentuated by emotive electric guitar riffs. Singer Rich Tyo’s voice is relaxed and timeless as he sings “you told me so much more with your touch”. “Put Me Down” is next, a driving, rock anthem that features rhythmic and syncopated lines broken up by wailing belts and vocal melodies that let you know that this song means business. “Jivin’ Jack n Sue.” is an unexpected departure that features a trippy, sixties vibe as the lyrics tell a disjointedly captivating narrative.

“A Change Up” is just that. With a light hi-hat rhythm, “A Change Up” offers a mysterious verse before a light, catchy chorus and jazzy piano embellishments that make this unexpected composition a definite standout track. “Need a Bit of Spacetime” punches up the energy again with a surf rock feel marked by rhythmic electric guitar and loose, repetitive melodies. “Venus” is a calm change that features spacious acoustic guitar notes before a heavy rhythm anchors the light vocal melody. Next, we travel to the other end of the solar system for bluesy “Pluto”, a literal lamenting tale about the former planet and it’s fall from grace.

“Far Out” is a fun, steady song that utilizes vocal effects and unique instrumentation to craft an alien feel. “Starlight” is driven by a bright, engaging piano melody as the poetic lyrics paint a glowing picture amidst the supportive instrumentation. The final track of the album is “Quiet Moments”, a dreamy song full of lush imagery and harmonies that create the perfect endcap to a diverse and nostalgic album.

An introspective and encompassing release, Inner Space/Outer Space was inspired by musician Rich Tyo’s work as a mental health crisis worker. His deep understanding of human experience as well as his universal inquisitiveness are apparent in the lyrics of the album as well as the otherworldly, psychedelic production. With this release, JukeBox County transports you to worlds both near and far all from the comfort of your home planet.

Written by Katrina Charles





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