Artist Interview: “Last Chance” by Ethan Mugglestone

Q: I notice the song was a collaboration between some U.K songwriters. What was your creative process in making “Last Chance” with those musicians/artists?

ETHAN MUGGLESTONE: The Collaboration consisted of me and Ben Pratt, we both study songwriting at the same university, We had wanted to collaborate for over 12 months but due to lockdowns and the pandemic this had been delayed until early in 2021.

Q: Did any real-life events occur in your life that inspired the “Last Chance”?

ETHAN: No no particularly, I try and write to the style, what would people relate to and who would my audience be? rather then going for real life experiences.. However with my lyrics, I really like to tell a story and I believe ‘Last Chance does that.

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

ETHAN: Probably around the age of 16/17, My parents (Especially my mum) really made me learn the piano when I was younger, something that at the time I didn’t fully appreciate how beneficial this was going to be. I remember thinking to myself at the age of 13/14 after listening to songs on the radio like “I could write a song too” and thats what happened. Up till my college years music was a side thing for me, but since then after realizing I had a talent in it I really looked to pursue a career in it. 

Q: I love the emotion behind your voice! Who are your biggest musical influences?

ETHAN: Actually Ben sings on this song, we went through how we wanted the song to build and how we looked at gaining more emotion through his voice in the song, he does this so well. Ben has a very musical theatre style and He’s Influenced by the likes of Alfie Boe and Michael Ball.

Q: What is coming up next for you?

ETHAN:The future is really exciting for me, I’ve just graduated and looking to become full-time in the industry, most writing and producing for artists plenty more gigging and releases over the next year especially.

Q: What would you like to tell your supporters out there?

ETHAN: Not sure I have loads of supporters at this stage of my career but to everyone who has in any way supported me so far in my journey, I will forever be grateful for that and there is plenty more to come from me as I mature and grow as a songwriter.

Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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