“carry the weight” by fin featuring Jordan Phillips

Featuring Jordan Phillips on vocals, musician and producer fin’s latest single “carry the weight” is an attention-grabbing tune that somehow retains a striking intensity while remaining as light and flowing as a breeze. This unassuming song is pleasant and complex in a way that will have you willfully and happily hypnotized. 

With a light rhythmic buildup and spacious chords, “carry the weight” begins with a vast, airy feel before Jordan Phillips’ rich, emotive voice eases into the mix with a delightful and conversational texture. The production is simplistic but supportive as it changes abruptly to create a playful relationship with the lyrics as their rhythm ebbs and flows. With echoes and the light sound of birds, “carry the weight” maintains a steady, unburdened feel while exuding a confident and definitive tone.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, fin is Finlay Mowat, a talented musician with a background in drumming. While he is typically a collaborative artist having worked with musicians such as Berta Kennedy and Gus Harrower, fin has plans to release a solo EP later this year. With effortlessly captivating production and Jordan Phillips’ versatile voice, “carry the weight” is a magnetic track that showcases fin’s talent in production and collaboration that will have you waiting impatiently for his next release.  

Written by Katrina Charles

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