“I’ll Miss You” by The DePatie Melt

The only reason I chose the college I did was to be near the various venues in Los Angeles. With that, I spent most of those four years going to concerts more than class so whenever I listen to music, I often imagine how the song would fare live. You know, where in the set it would be, the audience reaction. Stuff like that. This is what came to mind instantly as “I’ll Miss You” from The DePatie Melt played on. 

At first, you think this is just an overture. A piece of music void of lyrical content, and then BAM! You’re hit by a wave of wonderfully delivered lyrics. Minimal yes, but they pack a punch for a myriad of reasons. The first being that they are indeed preceded by a grand build-up, and two when they come in it’s like a theatrical performance. There is drama and heart in every line. As for the concert experience?

“I’ll Miss You” is one of those songs that is meant for two places in particular on a setlist. It needs to be right at the start of the show, or the song that leads into an encore that leaves the audience chanting, “one more song” repetitively until the house lights come on and the security tells you to find the nearest exit and go home. 

Fans of Elton John and Queen will fully appreciate the theatrics, the drama, and the heart of “I’ll Miss You,” so if that’s you – don’t miss out on this one from John DePatie who worked alongside the insanely talented Don Randi and Jody Bagley on this one.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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