“Lost On You” Music Video by Silas Armstrong

The tender topics of 2020—Black Lives Matter protests, political turbulence in the UK and USA, and the pandemic—changed religious perspectives and severed relationships when conflicting beliefs surrounding these topics surfaced, blurring the images of the people and things we thought we knew. British singer/songwriter Silas Armstrong portrayed this flawlessly in his newly released music video for his single “Lost on You.”

 The song lyrics and imagery chosen for the video—violent protest, couple fighting, the priest, the person praying—are intense and complement each other extremely well. The single speaks on division, which we witnessed a lot of in 2020. And while the race division was shown in the video, it’s commendable that Silas showed the division that occurred in friendships, families, and relationships due to conflicting views through the couple fighting in the music video. Ironically, Silas wrote this song out of frustration after realizing his views differed from those close to him.

Silas sings the lyrics, “I’ve been lost on you for far too long, I can’t take no more, this can’t go on.” These lyrics project just how intense these horrific events were to the point where it felt like no human could turn it all off, leading people to turn to their religion in hopes of it all getting better, and it’s incredible that this was included in the video—the woman praying and the priest preaching—because of the important role religion played.

Not only did Silas do a phenomenal job in producing a song that can help us in our healing process as things return to normal, but he was also outstanding in showing us where his heart was when writing “Lost on You.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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