“The Butterfly in Allegro” by C.M. Jenkins

Many believe that music void of lyrics has absolutely nothing to say. That is until they watch a movie or TV show and realize that the score often drives the emotion, the action, the entirety of whatever it is they’re consuming. This is why songs like “The Butterfly in Allegro” by C.M. Jenkins captivates listeners. The peaks and valleys of the arrangement breathe life into this song, which so happens to be the second single from Jenkins’ upcoming 2021 debut, ‘First Movements Along A Curve.’ 

The summer had barely gotten started when neo-classical pianist and composer C.M. Jenkins celebrated his birthday in 2019. Sitting down at his instrument of choice, he began to build the layers that would later be “The Butterfly in Allegro.” He is admittingly proud of this piece and noted that he went searching for inner peace when he set out to write it. It’s safe to say he found it, as did I. With the stress of a loved one in the hospital weighing over me, this is just the type of song one wants to hold close. 

In the grand scheme of things, “The Butterfly in Allegro” takes me to a place of innocence as it reminds me of the pristine score of Disney’s “Bambi.” Yes, this Disney classic is a rough watch but one cannot deny the beauty that resides in both the animation as well as the score. One can imagine the pairing of the dynamic developments and serene moments alongside a scene in which a lone deer and a newfound rabbit friend try and find their way through the world. 

So whether you need a peaceful listen or enjoy classically sound scores, one thing’s for sure – you’ll instantly fall for C.M. Jenkins’ “The Butterfly in Allegro,” available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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