“A Town Somewhere” by Regina Fae

Places we frequent are like the people in our lives, they’re a mixed bag of good and bad memories. School hallways are where friends were made but also where many young hearts are broken. Hospitals are where we welcome life, but can sometimes say goodbye forever. Restaurants can be where proposals were made, but then where divorce papers were served. Regina Faye captures these highs and lows of memories made in places we go in her latest single, “A Town Someplace.” 

There is something serenely haunting about the way Regina Faye delivers “A Town Somewhere.” Her airy vocals matched with the dreamlike music can be likened to the sounds that escape when one opens a jewelry box and the ballerina spins incessantly to the tune coming from below her. It’s soothing, yet makes your heart go through a wave of emotions as she approaches this song about a place with salt in the air with a poetic touch as every lyric is penned to perfection, and partially inspired by her hometown – Antalya. 

“A Town Somewhere” is the lead single from her sophomore EP, ‘Those Were The Days.’ It follows 2020’s ‘This Is What Poets Write About.’ A record that featured a healthy amount of live acoustic songs. As for her 2021 EP, with a single as hypnotically pleasing as “A Town Somewhere,” fans of Regina Spektor and Taylor Swift’s folk side will appreciate what’s to come. 

Regina Fae’s “A Town Somewhere” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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