Artist Interview: “Motivate” by July Reborn

Q: I love the beat and your vocals on this track! You have some great bars, and I admire the way you tell a story with your lyrics. What inspired you to write “Motivate”?

July Reborn: I’ve been writing music for years and haven’t really gone anywhere with it yet and there’s not a lot of music that inspires me nowadays so I figured I’d write a song that would not only inspire but motivate myself and my fans.


Q: How do you think the internet has affected the music industry? Do you think it’s helped your musical journey or made it more difficult?

July Reborn: I think it’s helped in some ways as far as marketing and connecting with your fans but the internet is over saturated and there’s a lot of overlooked talent out there because of it.

Q: Do you remember what first got you into music? Is your family musical?

July Reborn: My grandfather was a folk singer and inspired me to pick up the guitar at a very young age which got me into songwriting. After years of singing love songs at local bars I decided to get into hip hop and the music production that goes behind it.

Q: You created this song in your home studio. Can you take me through your creative process in making “Motivate?”

July Reborn: I actually made the beat for another rapper but he never finished recording his song on it and I ended up writing a song one day by accident to it so it was kind of random to be honest. 

Q: If you could have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be and why?

July Reborn: Just to remember that you can do anything that you want to in this life and that nobody can stop you from achieving your dreams besides yourself.

Q: You’re planning on dropping a single every month of 2021, that’s crazy but awesome! What type of tracks can fans expect?

July Reborn: A variety of tracks ranging from alternative hip hop to punk/pop and whatever I feel like honestly. My music will have no ceilings

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano





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