“Drifting” by 22 Oceans

If you’re looking for a nostalgic 80s synth-heavy track with refreshing and airy vocals, 22 Oceans’ track “Drifting” is for you. It’s a beautiful song,

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“No Place” by Stfukes

“No Place” is a nostalgic piece of heaven. With elements of 80s synth-pop and early 2000s alternative rock and punk, Stfukes makes his own unique

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“CocoNutz” by A.D.

“CocoNutz”, a fun and colorful hip-hop track about candy bars is the perfect party song for any candy lover. Beginning off with an extremely compelling

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“Sweet Dreams” by Israel Nke

Israel Nke’s chill-wave track “Sweet Dreams” is a beautiful and tranquil look into Israel’s mind. The song begins with a hypnotic and atmospheric high-pitched sound

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“Unstable” by Richard

Richard’s track “Unstable” is an emotional song dedicated to his brother who passed away from an overdose a year ago. At first listen, “Unstable” may

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