Artist Interview: “Tear Down the Wall” by Moon Walker

Q: I wanted to start off by saying that I love the vibes of “Tear Down the Wall,” what was the inspiration of the song and the video?

MOON WALKER: So glad you liked it! We wrote the song on Election Day. It was our first time fully indulging our political opinions in our writing. It felt good and ended up being the first Moon Walker song. I think the song is mostly about the aftermath of Trump and the game that is politics. The video leaves Trump out and just addresses politicians in general.

Q: This is the first single you all have dropped, how and when did Moon Walker meet?

MW: I met Sean in high school when our old metal bands played a show together. We became great friends and almost immediately after started a band called The Midnight Club. We’ve been creating/performing together in The Midnight Club for almost a decade now. We live together and started Moon Walker as another creative outlet during COVID, but me and Sean’s partnership is nothing new.

Q: What has been one of your most favorite memories along the path to making the track?

MW: Good question! That’s hard to answer, because the song (like all of our music) was just made in our house during one of the droning, repetitive days of COVID haha! All of the days seem to blend together in hindsight. But I guess doing vocals was interesting. I was never much of a singer, but I felt like if I sang the song, I’d feel less angry. I surprised myself in the booth and, indeed, felt instantly relieved. I realized singing was therapeutic for me and it became a massive stress-reliever after that song.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

MW: Angry, political, and fucking rock n roll!

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

MW: Making and performing music. The rest is brutal, but fortunately, not yet enough to outweigh the triumph that is creating music and sharing that creation.

Q: What projects are currently in the works?

MW: We have a record coming out soon. We have several music videos to go along with it that we’re very excited about. We’re also more than halfway done with album #2. So, there will be no shortage of new material for anyone who cares

Interviewed by Jaye Maverick




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