“Bubba Does” by Snakedoctors

In May of 2020 four friends from Gdansk, Poland started a rock band called Snakedoctors. Vocalist and guitarist Wojciech Wypych, bassits Jaroslaw “Jerry” Szybowski, Jacek

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“Vincent Dylan ” by AI

“As we ride the wave and crash into oblivion, let “Vincent Dylan” carry you away.” Newest track from AI, “Vincent Dylan” is a tribute to

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“Insomniac” by Cellos

Four piece band Cellos originally got together in the summer of 2019 and only consisted of singer/rhythm guitarist Niall Fenwick and lead guitarist Joe Teasdale,

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“Old You” by Maggie Dave

Maggie Dave consists of duo visual artists Sean David Christensen and Mark Christopher. According to the duo they explore vivid pop melodies with R&B rhythms,

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“Fungi” by KC Blackwater

United Kingdom, Milton Keynes artist KC Blackwater is a solo bedroom project that produces punk, spoken word, with grunge and experimental sensibilities. “Fungi” is the

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