“Bira” by Fox Evades

Some say that kids shouldn’t spend all their time in front of screens, but if it wasn’t for a CD-ROM and her trusted computer, Fox Evades wouldn’t have ever learned her way around a guitar when she was a mere seven years old. Today, she’s far past that and armed with her studies of music technology, and a pair of singles that have garnered attention from BBC Music Introducing, including her latest, “Bira.” 

Her second original single released in March 2021 follows 2020’s “The Heart That Drowned,” a song that made waves in notable places. Now she is at it again with “Bira.” In this, Fox Evades’ vocals come through like an ethereal dreamscape and are reminiscent of the late Dolores O’Riordan who shot to fame in the ‘90s fronting the Irish alt-band, The Cranberries. Only with less of the alternative rock, and more of the heart in the delivery and an overall sense of intrigue thanks to the lyrics that manage to keep listeners hooked until it comes to an end as many will be able to relate to the core message of “Bira.”  

“The track came about through just wanting to escape the perils of the world and live under the ocean but I think the most powerful thing for me while I was there was seeing the effects that we have as humans on the ocean,” Fox Evades noted. 

Over the past year (and change) the world has become such a mess that many have been left wondering, where can I go? The sad truth is that even aiming your sights elsewhere off land wouldn’t suffice as the human race has also made a mess of our oceans and seas. Hopefully, those who hear “Bira” will not only take to the song but the messages between the fine lines. 

“Bira” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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