Artist Interview: “Lost On You” by Silas Armstrong

Q: “Lost On You” is not only intense but also powerful, and I can’t help but wonder where your headset was when writing it. What were the emotions you were feeling when writing it?

SILAS: I wrote “Lost On You” out of frustration early one morning when I couldn’t sleep. I’d had a fallout over WhatsApp the day before and I was in disbelief at the opinions of some people close to me.

Q: Many people may think of this as a breakup song, which it can be, but the song was written when 2020s issues were at their peak, like COVID and BLM protests. What was the idea you were going for when writing this track?

SILAS: I was thinking about all the division in society, the hard divide between wrong and right that everyone finds themselves on one side of these days. The global pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Brexit, politics and abuse of power everywhere. I used this song to vent, to heal, and to try and make sense of things.


Q: What do you want people to take away from listening to this release? How do you want them to feel?

SILAS: I hope people can relate and understand, I want people to know they’re not alone in their feelings, and I want to remind people that we all have a responsibility to each other.


Q: Obviously, the death of your best friend and frontman has impacted your life, and I’m tremendously sorry for your loss. How were you able to push through that pain and continue going with your passion?

SILAS: I drowned the pain out for a long time, but I couldn’t let it stop me pursuing my dreams. It definitely changed my direction, a butterfly effect moment in my life, but I have used it to strengthen me to never stop or give up. I still ask myself “what would Dave do?” and the answer is always “do it.”


Q: What was it like to tour with Panic! At The Disco?

SILAS: Incredible. The fans were out of this world! Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam were some of the craziest crowds I’ve ever performed to. Hearing Brendon Urie warm up his vocals backstage before slaying Bohemian Rhapsody and doing backflips on stage was a highlight.

Q: You’ve interviewed many artists, you’ve seen the late, great, and marvelous Prince in action, and you’ve spoken with the amazing Quincy Jones. Needless to say, you’ve had spectacular moments. Which was your favorite and why?

SILAS: Too many to chose from but one that comes to mind is when my two worlds peaked at the same time. By day, I interviewed Seth MacFarlane and watched him soundcheck with a big jazz band, that same night I played a sold out show supporting The Vaccines with my band at the time, Kid Champion.


Q: How does it feel to say that you have worked alongside artists like The Script, Rick Astley, Tom Walker, and The Wombats?

SILAS: Such an honor, and a massive moment of realization that I could help others with ideas I’d always dreamed about as a band member. I hope too work with all of them again.


Q: How would you describe yourself?

SILAS: A social omnivert, a big dreamer and an opportunity seeker.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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